We prefer that you be at home when we arrive to construct your building. We can discuss the area where you want the building and make sure that your storage building is oriented the way you want in regards to your home and yard. We will construct the floor, then have you verify that it is where you want or make adjustments. You can show us where you want doors, windows and shelving. After seeing the height of your door, you can decide on the spot if you want or need a ramp or steps.

Also, by building on site, we can construct permitted buildings.  Inspections can be done of your floor system prior to your building being finished. We can also easily place your floor instead of having to move the shed later.

You do not, however have to remain at home while we finish your building.  Once it is laid out as you desire, you can go about your daily activities. Once we have completed your building, you can inspect it and make sure that all if to your specifications before making your final payment.

If you cannot be home, we can give you flags to place in your yard to show where you want your building.  You can discuss the other details by phone with your builder prior to the shed construction.

sheds built in yard