You want a siding that will last and complement your home. You also want a siding that will last.  If painting is not your thing, you need to decide if you want siding that doesn’t need painting or if you want to hire someone to paint it for you.  Often HOA covenants require that you match the color of your home’s siding or match the exact material of your home.

LP Smartsiding is often a sound, economical choice.  It is treated with zinc borate, and has a 5-50 year warranty.  This is a treated wood panel with vertical grooves.  It comes factory primed, so you need only put on a coat of latex enamel to have a color match to your home and a long-lasting siding. You will need to caulk around windows, corners and doors.

LP also makes a horizontal wood lap siding.  This siding is put over housewrap and matches hardie plank or wood lap siding on your home. It is factory primed.  It is more impact resistant than fiber cement.  You will need to caulk and paint.

Horizontal fiber cement is a popular siding for homes, and is available for your storage building or garden shed.  It is durable and flame resistant.

Vinyl siding does not need paint.  You can cover your home with vinyl of the same brand, style or color of your home.

BAS Buildings, LLC offers all of these sidings.  All horizontal siding includes housewrap and a ridge vent so that we do not have to cut into your siding for ventilation. The choice is yours!