Storage sheds and Garden Sheds are a significant investment.  Ask yourself:

Why do I need a storage building?
Think about the purpose for your building, to determine the size and style you need.

What size building do I need?
What will you be placing inside yor storage building?  Will there be room for it all and will you have easy access to what you need?

Will my shed add value to my home?
An attractive building does increase your home’s appeal and selling value. Make sure your building adds to your home, instead of detracting from the appearance.  Keeping your building well maintained is also important.

Where should I place my building?
You need to adhere to municipal and HOA setback rules. You need to have it in a location that will be safe.  You need easy access to go in and out. You want your building to line up nicely with your home.

Do I need permission to build a shed?
You need to check with your HOA and possibly complete an application with its architectural committee.  You need to check with your municipality to see if you need a zoning or building permit.

Should I purchase from a big box store or have someone construct my shed?
Big box store shed on first glance look less expensive, but cheap often will cost you more. These sheds do not always meet permit guidelines. Often, corners are cut by not including tightly spaced joists, felt under shingles or eaves to protect your siding. Frequenly, you are limited to kits, which may not have the design you want or placement of doors and windows you would like. They may not build on site, so you cannot bring into your yard if you have narrow access or fencing.

How do I choose a builder? 
Meet with the builders, view their displays, ask questions. Are they trustworthy, and do they have a good reputation?  Have they been in the constructon business long, and do you expect them to be there down the road? Do they use first quality materials?  Are their builders experienced, and the type of person you want working at your home?

What should I look for in shed flooring?
You want a floor with adequate weightload so it does not buckle under the load.  You want treated floors that will hold up to moisture, and be protected against insects.  LP Prostruct flooring is the only flooring waranteed for use in sheds. See what makes our storage shed floors superior.

What siding should I choose?
You can use long lasting LP smartsiding and paint to compliment your home. You can also choose to match up the siding and colors exactly, with horizontal fiber cement or wood, or vinyl siding in the style and color of your home.

What style building do I need?
This often depends on the use for your shed.  Are you building for storage, as a garden shed, man-cave, or she-shed? Do I want to match the roof pitch of my home?  Do I want an overhang to protect my shed? Do I want custom trim, residential or shed doors?