Are you looking for a unique gift that will be used and appreciated for many years? We are now offering gift certificates so that the recipient can choose their options to get the shed that they want and that will work best for their needs. Of course, if you want a “surprise” we can do that as well.

You come in, decide on a building, or budget, and then we will put together a nice gift certificate. We may not be able to construct your shed before Christmas, but you will still have a gift for under the tree!

Purchase a gift card today!

BAS Buildings’ sheds are versatile. Our outside buildings can be used as:

  • a workshop
  • a she-shed
  • a storage shed
  • a garden shed
  • a place to store to keep sporting goods
  • a sewing room
  • a reading room
  • a toy room
  • a hobby room
  • a smoking room
  • a card room
  • a teenager’s hangout
  • a party shed
  • a gym
  • a band room
  • and much more!!!