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K Pendergrass  2 months ago  
Customer service was grade A. We had an idea of what we wanted and they built it from the ground up. Our shed was built with heart and sweat. In just a few days we had a great addition to our yard. It has aged well and after a few years it still looks brand new. I recommend BAS Buildings to anyone who wants a shed that will last. Well worth the money. BAS Buildings has tons of options and plans available.
Tonya Callon  a month ago  
BAS building was a great company to hire to build my shed. They have a contractor name Jeff Hennig who came out and built my shed on site. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and fast. He had it built in no time at all. Very high quality craftsmanship. I would recommend him for any of your building needs. You name it and I bet you he can build it.
Jeremy Williamson  a month ago  
Lawson Williams 2 months ago  
It was with total confidence that I turned over the shed building business to BAS Buildings. I feel they will honor the tradition of outstanding service and quality construction I have been proud to have offered the local community over the years. I invite customers to come and look at the impressive inventory of custom BAS Storage Sheds on display. BAS will take care of your HOA’s woe’s and troubles and get a shed in your backyard soon! Best Wishes, Lawson-owner Cardinal Buildings LLC
Jessica  a month ago  
Sandy Northup  a month ago  
Owners are conscientious and friendly. Excellent quality and value!
Sharon Madigan 3 weeks ago  
Very pleased with the quality of the buildings and the service of the personnel. My third building!
Maren Culbreth  6 days ago  
My husband and I went to them to purchase and contract out a shed that we would use as an at-home gym. So, we would need a concrete base as opposed to the normal plywood drop-on-site sort of shed. We also of course would need electricity. Unfortunately, we timed everything poorly and ended up with a few delays due to hurricanes…and then snow? I know, sounds crazy. The concrete went in with no issues, the building took a little longer than expected, but then we really hit a rough patch with the electrician. We waited what seemed like an incredibly long time to get the contracted electrician to our house to start working – the building sat without power for weeks with promise after promise to show up ASAP. Then of course, while digging the ditch to lay the line from our house to the shed, the electrician’s crew hit a water line. The electrician was nowhere to be found, and the guys patched up the damage pretty poorly and left. They never returned. On top of that, they broke a section of our fence climbing over it, instead of using the gate five feet away. Suffice it to say, my husband and I were NOT pleased with what was happening. So, we called Carol and Brad. They came out to see what was going on and *immediately* took charge of the situation. Brad himself came out to fix our fence the following day so that our dogs were secure in our back yard. He took a look at the patch work to our water line and spent the better part of his Monday undoing the poor craftsmanship to repair it with all the right parts and pieces. Last minute he found an electrician to come out and finish the work the next day after we told him we were no longer comfortable with the original gentlemen coming on our property. This could easily have been a one star, nightmare review. We however, were very glad that Carol and Brad care so much about the quality of work their company maintains as it’s standard. Once we raised the red flag about how poorly things were going, they did everything they could to make it right. If you’re looking for honest people to give your business to, we’d definitely recommend them.

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Jessica Williamson recommends BAS Buildings, LLC December 8
Excellent customer service and Superior quality!

James Parana recommends BAS Buildings, LLC  October 7 ·
They are very reputable and did a great job on my shed. Top quality materials were used with very little waste. Dave Jones has built me a deck and shed. I’m highly satisfied with both.

Ruth Craven recommends BAS Buildings, LLC   October 5 ·
The owners are kind and devoted to seeing that all buildings are satisfactory.

Tyler Jones  recommends BAS Buildings, LLC  September 21
Outstanding skilled trades men. They set the standard for perfection.