If you have difficulty deciding where you should go through for your particular construction, staff in BAS Buildings and Cardinal Buildings can discuss your needs and will work with you to help make that determination.

Today, with larger garden sheds, detached garages, guest houses, she-sheds, man-caves, workshops, and HOA requirements to make accessory structures aesthetically similar to the home, the classification of the building as a “garage” or “shed” becomes more confusing. For ease of understanding and pointing customers in the right direction, we classify the two as follows.

Shed: Outside building, with one story, with or without loft, typically in back yard, used for storage, workshop, entertainment room, or other family use. Typically, portable (placed on blocks and skids for possible move in the future), but can also be constructed on cement pad. The buildings usually come with standard shed doors, or man doors, but often customers want a roll-up door or other specialty doors. BAS will help with the design, handle the construction, provide paperwork for permitting, but the customer is responsible for acquiring permit, and contracting out other services such as electrical, concrete work.

Garage: Larger one or two story building, constructed at front, side or back of house, with garage door, built on concrete pad or foundation, with access to enter from the road. Very frequently with embellishments, such as electricity, plumbing, upper bonus rooms upstairs. Built primarily for auto parking, they are often used as detached additional home space, workshop or small business. The process is typically turn-key, with Cardinal Buildings handling all permitting work, and subcontracts all aspects of the construction.