Why shouldn’t I purchase a cheaper shed?
There will always be cheaper sheds around. How is this possible? The short answer? Underpaid builders, inferior materials, or inferior construction.  BAS chooses to build a quality long-lasting building, of which we and you can be proud. We believe in treating our builders as family and paying them a fair wage. Our buildings are constructed on site, by experienced builders, using quality materials, and top building standards!  Unfortunately, this costs a little more, but well worth the investment.  We offer the best quality construction at a fair price.

How can others sell cheaper sheds?

  • Underpaying builders, which results in builders being less experienced or less dedicated.
  • Skipping permitting or HOA requirements
  • Wider spaced floor joists
  • Untreated or particle board flooring which will not hold up over time
  • Cheap shingles with no felt underneath
  • No overhangs to protect siding
  • Lesser quality framing, which will cause warping over time
  • No opportunity to customize your building to your needs or aesthetics
  • Used sheds with unknown history
  • Shed not built on site, risking not matching your property, or damage to shed or property or building when putting into place.

How to safely save money on your building? We can help!

  • Choose LP Smartsiding instead of horizontal siding and match the color of your shed to your home.
  • Choose standard shingles instead of architectural shingles, with color to match your home.
  • Use sheds with lofts and shelving to make better use of smaller sheds.
  • Choose a higher side wall, and a lower pitched roof to gain more usable storage area.
  • Choose standard shop shed doors instead of residential or fiberglass doors.
  • Consider a lean-to instead of a larger shed.
  • Build on skids with treated wooden floor instead of a cement pad.
  • Use fewer windows, which will still gives light, but frees up wall space for shed shelving and storage.
  • Include LP Techshield radiant barrier to reduce cooling costs for sheds.