Once an order is placed, storage sheds are placed on our scheduling board and we construct them in order of date.  Depending on the time of year, our schedule for sheds is out from 1 week to 5 weeks. Once we start constructing sheds, depending on size and complexity, it takes one to 5 days to complete.  For permitted sheds, an extra day is needed for a flooring inspection.

Timing can  be affected by how long it takes to acquire your HOA approval.  Architectural committees typically meet once per month, so depending on where in their cycle your request, this could add a few weeks.

Getting a building permit may add days to your schedule.  We will provide you promptly with the engineering drawings you will need. Usually, permits only take a few days, but if a zoning issue arises, this could slow down the process for additional days.

Weather is a determining factor on when we start construction.  If it has been particularly rainy, you will let us know when you feel comfortable with us coming to your yard for construction.

We will not sacrifice quality in order to speed things along.   BAS Buildings will try to get your building constructed in a timely manner.  If we get behind, we bring in experienced garage & shed builders to get caught up.