It is up to you how much preparation you put into your yard before getting a shed.  If you are getting a concrete pad, we can help you find a contractor who will do a good job.  No need for anchors; we will anchor your building to the concrete.  You do need to coordinate the size of the shed with the size of the pad. Typically, the pad is one inch smaller in length and width than the proposed storage building or shed so that the siding sits over the edge. If the building is smaller than the pad, you would need to be prepared to caulk or seal the edges so that the rain will not wash under the walls and into the shed.

Make sure there are no large stumps in the yard where you want the storage shed to be located. There is no reason to kill the vegetation, since the lack of sun under the shed will kill it off.  If you are concerned, you can put down a mositure barrier or gravel for a base.

If your lot is unlevel, we will use blocking to level it.  You also have the option of leveling the spot before we arrive. Your shed will still be stable and level, even if the ground is not.  You may want to consider lattice or some other trim to cover any blocking needed.

Please make sure that you have any pets or their debris out of the yard.  Our shed builders will not want to be distracted or scare your pets.

Make sure your children are not in the yard. It is natural for them to be curious about the process, but please let them watch through a window or enclosed porch.  Our shed builders are using tools which could harm any unattended children.

If you are getting a permitted shed, please make sure you have your permit available.  We will bring a plastic pouch to mount it at the construction site.  Your outside building will have one or more inspections and the paperwork must be available for sign off.

If you are unable to be home, make sure you have marked the construction location, and have discussed orientation and construction details with your builder.

Preparation before your shed is built will make the process go smoothly for you and your shed builder.