At BAS Buildings, you can pay with cash, major credit cards, or checks. We collect 50% down, and the remainder once your shed is complete.

We also offer standard bank financing and 0% interest credit cards from our web site.   You can get 0% credit cards for 12, 15, 18 or 20 months.  Our standard any purpose bank loans allow you to choose your payment or your loan time.  You can use these options to cover your storage building or other related projects.  The money is put directly into your account, and you then pay us. Our financing suite offers options for different budgets and credit scores.

A new storage building qualifies for a home improvement loan or line of credit from most banks.  Your bank knows your credit and payment history, so many times can offer the best rates.

90 Days Same as Cash is available through our rent to own program.  If you make montly payments and pay off within 90 days, there is no finance or rental charges. You only pay a $15 processing fee.  If you do not pay off in 90 days, the contract automatically reverts to a rent to own contract.  In this process, you rent the building for 36 months, after which you own the building.  You can vary overall cost by making extra payments or paying off early, without penalty.  If your situation changes, you can also return your shed without penalty. There is no credit check involved.