Garden Sheds and Storage Sheds today are an extension of your home, and should be given the same level of care and upkeep. Modern shed materials will last indefinitely if treated properly. If the exterior of your storage building is constructed with LP Smartside, it is treated with zinc borate and binders to resist termite and moisture damage, and comes factory primed. Horizontal Fiber Cement (such as Hardi-plank) construction is also ready to paint.

It is highly recommended that you caulk and paint storage sheds as soon as it is completed. An acrylic Latex Exterior house paint is the best choice. As with any exterior painting, two coats are better than one. A better quality of paint will give better coverage and will last longer. Exterior Latex Semi-Gloss house paint will endure severe weather conditions better, and will repel dirt, and stains far better than a flat finish. ALWAYS PAINT THE TOP, BOTTOM, AND INSIDE OF STORAGE SHED DOORS to prevent warping, and give sheds extra protection from damaging weather elements. All exterior trim will need to be primed before painting. Prior to any painting, please be sure to caulk with a paintable caulk. Butyl and silicone caulks repel paint and are NOT RECOMMENDED. Caulking should be done on all seams, including door trim, eaves, and corner trim. For vinyl sheds, make sure to routinely power-wash your storage shed to keep the colors clean and bright. Choose a building company who will be there for you if panels become damaged and can replace them with the same product.

Make sure that you maintain airflow around storage buildings. Leaves, and other debris can accumulate around sheds and block the air flow beneath the building. Trash surrounding storage sheds also make them more vulnerable to fire, and unwanted varmints.

Do not store anything in sheds which animals will consider food in open containers. This will only encourage squirrels, mice, snakes and other creatures to come into your storage building.  Often they will chew shed floors, doors or corners to gain access.

If damage occurs from storms, vandalism, or equipment, repair sooner, rather than later. Repair of an existing storage building is often more practical than having to purchase a new shed. If you do need to replace the shed, ask about trade-ins.

BAS Buildings uses treated shed panels, and trim, factory-primed. Our 25-30 year shingles come standard with a felt underlay. Our storage sheds come with a warranty on workmanship and against settling issues, as well as a limited life-time service warranty.  We can recommend an experienced local shed painter, who will assist you with matching colors, painting and caulking.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to focus on what type of storage buildings are best for your needs.  Once you are ready to purchase a shed, we would appreciate your giving us the opportunity to earn your business.  Let’s build together!!