Advantage of Exercise Shed

If you are currently using a gym membership, have you considered investing in an outside home gym instead?  Traditional storage sheds have taken on many new roles for modern families.  A shed can be your personal home gym, without taking away a room from your home. Adequate lighting, ventilation and electrical capabilities, make the exercise

Transitional Storage Sheds

Many families are able to transition the use of their sheds as their family grows and needs change. When the children are young, storage sheds can store outdoor or riding toys, and later their bikes, then canoes etc as the needs change.  Once the children moved away, you can store Christmas ornaments and other items,


WHEN IS A SHED NOT A STORAGE SHED? When you think of sheds, first thing to come to mind is often a storage building to store lawn and garden tools, or a lawn mower.  It can be so much more versatile. At BAS Buildings, we have built custom buildings for many purposes, with those below

Storage Sheds: Choosing Eaves

Storage Building Eaves: Eaves are there to protect your investment. Minimal eaves provide minimal protection. Without eaves, rain water, and roof trash & chemicals run down the side of your storage building and damage the siding. At BAS Buildings, all buildings have REAL eaves. Our economical 6″ eaves allow enough protection so that the water

Perfect Gift for Men

HE WANTS A SHED. Storage Sheds make the perfect gift for men.  Wondering what to get the man in your life for Christmas?  All men want sheds. Not a tie, not a shirt. He wants a storage shed or workshop where he can go and have his tools organized where he can easily do all

Organizing your Storage Sheds

ORGANIZING STORAGE SHEDS: Prevents repurchase of items and materials you already have Makes finding items that much quicker Means you’re getting the maximum usage out of the available space in your storage sheds.  Make sure that the items you use most are within easy reach. Use hooks or pegboards, or drawers & cabinets so that

Custom Shed Designs

MAKE YOUR STORAGE SHED UNIQUE If purchasing storage sheds from a big box store, generally you will find that their sheds are little more than big boxes in your yard. Why not make them so much more by choosing a custom shed builder to construct your storage shed? They can construct an outdoor building just

Why Not to Buy Shed Kits

DON’T BUY A SHED KIT!  When your standard shed kit won’t work, come to BAS Buildings. We build  sheds to fit your budget and your needs. Our customers have come up with great shed designs, and we have been proud that they chose us to construct their buildings. Our builders have the skills and experience

Customize Your Storage Shed

UNIQUE STORAGE SHEDS: One of the things we enjoy at BAS Buildings, LLC is talking with our customers, and discussing why they need storage buildings and what are their plans for their shed. We have built outdoor offices where parents can remain at home and yet get some work done. We have built play houses which